In-Game Rules

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There are some important rules on Crafters server to protect our community and keep the order of the game.

⚠️ By logging on Crafters, you agree to follow all of the rules listed below.

Players who do not obey to these rules will be warned by our staff team or punished if necessary.

📖 — General Rules
  • Be respectful to the other players.
  • Pay attention to staff's warnings.
  • Avoid behavior that disrupts server order.
🏝️ — SkyBlock Rules
  • Behaviors that exceeds the limits of respect is prohibited.
    Insulting, swearing, bullying, disturbing behaviors etc.
    Punishment is decided by degree of the crime and player's old behaviors. (min 15m mute , max permanent ban)
  • Scamming is prohibited.
    Stealing items, not returning borrowed items/money, lying about the price of an item...
    Punishment is min 1w ban, max permanent ban and deleting of the profile.
  • Taking advantage of bugs is prohibited.
    Trying to take advantage of bugs rather than reporting them etc.
    Punishment is permanent ban.
  • Sharing personal information of someone is prohibited.
    Punishment is permanent ban.
  • Hate speech is prohibited.
    Conversations involving expressions of hate against a person or group on issues such as race, gender, age, nation, religion or sexual orientation etc.
    Punishment is min 2h mute, max permanent ban.
  • Advertising is prohibited.
    Advertising an another server or personal content etc.
    Punishment is permanent ban. (if its a self-promo instead of a server advertising the punishment is decided by the staff and user's records)
  • Spamming and flooding is prohibited.
    Sending messages that other players do not like to see (such as sending the same message multiple times in a row) etc.
    Punishment is min 15m mute, max 6h mute.
  • Attempting to deceive the community is prohibited.
    Making statements that are made with malicious intent and do not contain any truth (behaviors such as claiming to be authorized, giving false information about the server, trying to defame someone) etc.
    Punishment is min 2h mute, max 1mo mute.
  • Having inappropriate skins or names is prohibited.
    Using names or skins that the staff do not approve.
    if its an inappropriate name punishment is permanent ban, if its an inappropriate skin you will be warned to change it and if you dont you will get permanent ban.
  • Using third party software/hardware is prohibited.
    Using software or hardware that will gain an advantage over other players.
    Punishment is min 3d ban, max permanent ban.
  • Getting benefits from side accounts/profiles or transferring items/coins between profiles is prohibited.
    Trying to gain an advantage over other players by using multiple accounts/profiles. Transferring items or coins between profiles are not forbidden if they are getting transferred from an old profile that is gonna be deleted to a FULLY new profile.
    Punishment is min 1w ban, max deleting the profile.
  • Preventing the staff from doing their job is prohibited.
    Trying to prevent the actions taken by the staff despite the warnings etc.
    Punishment is min 3h mute, max 12h mute.
  • IRL trading is prohibited.
    Exchange of any in-game currency or item for real money or any product outside the server falls under this rule.
    Punishment is permanent ban.
⚠️ Crafters reserves the right not to state a reason for a punishment applied/changed/removed.
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