CraftersMC SkyBlock v0.1.16 Patch Notes

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the patch notes of the second update that has been preparing the server for the v0.2 (Season 2) update. This update mostly contains minimal changes and QoL (Quality of Life) improvements.

Before getting to the patch notes: Today, Technoblade's family has announced that he lost his ongoing battle with cancer. Rest in peace, legend. o7

In honor of his memory, you can support a foundation that works to cure cancer by purchasing merch from Technoblade's store:


Let's get to the patch notes:

News and Changes​

  • Scoreboard got revamped!
    - The previous scoreboard was too complicated and it was taking a large space on the screen.
    - We've revamped the scoreboard with cute icons, minimalized it and added litle animations!


  • Crafting Table, Ender Chest, Accessory Bag, New Years Cake Bag, Equipment Inspection, Trading and Item Recipes interfaces got revamped!
    - There are not much changes in the main elements of these interfaces.
    - This revamp removes the glass panes on empty slots of these menues and give them a familiar look with Minecraft.

  • Builder merchant's interface got revamped!
    - Choosing blocks without icons was really annoying and will be remembered as a chaos.

  • The validity period of Coin Bags has been changed to 15 minutes.
    - The original purpose of Coin Bags was to be used to transfer coins to a player. We noticed that some players were storing coins using Coins Bags. We've changed the validity period of the Coin Bags to 15 minutes to prevent this.
    - We will not give any support for Coin Bags that got expired, please be careful.
    - The expiration time of the Coin Bags created before this update has not been changed.

  • /createcoinbag command has been changed to /coinbag.

  • Added a chatguard rule to prevent players repeating the same message in chat.
    - Players who continue to spam by trying to exploit this system will now get muted/banned without any warning.

  • Removed the Aiming enchant.
    - Killing tons of mobs by shooting at random directions was fun, but it was not balanced.

  • Added "Show Coordinates" setting.
    - You can enable coordinates on allowed areas from /skyblocksettings menu.
    - The setting is disabled by default.

  • You need to wait 3 seconds without making any changes in your inventory and in the Crafting Table before the quick-craft gets updated now.
    - This change has been made to avoid crafting unwanted items by accidentally clicking.
    - We're waiting for your feedbacks on this change.

  • Fixed teleporting to a player inside the Arena with the /tpa command.
    - You'll teleport to the entrance of Arena if you teleport to a player inside the Arena.

  • Fixed a bug in the amount of materials requested by Slime Minions when upgrading.

  • Fixed the Magma Bow not doubling damage when there are Magma Creams in the quiver.

  • Runaan's Bow's extra 2 arrows now automatically home to nearby enemies.
  • Fixed two bonus arrows fired by Runaan's Bow hitting full damage instead of 40%.

  • Fixed the Flamerang not doubling its damage when returning.

  • Fixed the Savanna Bow not dealing double damage.

  • Fixed a bug where teleporting between servers with the /tpa command would spawn at the starting point of the zone instead of the target player's location.

  • The overall storage size of the islands has been reduced and the loading process has been optimized.
    - These optimizations will not make a noticeable difference, as load times often take less than 1000 milliseconds (1 second).
    - This is a technical balancement and has no changes ingame.

  • Various resource leaks and bugs that led to performance degradation over time were fixed.
    - We hope this is the last leak. Necessary systems have been prepared in order to observe such problems and solve them as soon as possible, and we hope to see that the performance will improve over time.

  • Increased the hitbox of Lazy's Pickaxe.

  • Fixed a bug that prevents applying Telekinesis enchantment on Shears.

  • Fixed a bug that makes a half-block item in your inventory changing to the last used slot when it got placed.
    - Editor note: Is there anyone who understood this?

  • Fixed an item duplication bug that could be done using third-party software in various menus.

  • Fixed the Builder's Wand and Block Zapper items from being used on Composter blocks and blockentities.
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