SkyBlock Crafters SkyBlock v0.1.9 Patch Notes



Hi everyone, welcome to the second SkyBlock patch since the release of SkyBlock!

  • Added “Interact with Minions“ permission to the CO-OP Members Permissions menu. Profile owners now can decide which CO-OP members can interact with minions.
  • Added Find Fairy Souls quest to the Quests menu. You can now see how much fairy souls you collected in specific locations and how much are left.
  • Added SkyBlock tips that will appear in your chat every time you switch servers! You can disable those tips from /settings > SkyBlock Menu.


Technical Changes
  • Removed some command variations. (It was affecting the device performance.)
  • Crafters staff’s item editions will no more affect the edition of items on /itemedition command.
  • The language data in the profile menu has been made public.
Item Changes & Improvements

Frozen Scythe
The Frozen Scythe is a difficult item to obtain for the early game, but when obtained it can deal very high damage without effort to gain Intelligence. For this reason, we want the item to stand out more with the Intelligence statistic.
  • Base Ability Damage: 1000 —> 800
  • Intelligence Scale: 0.3 —> 0.5
Magma Armor
  • Full set bonus changed: +1 Intelligence per 10 Magma Cubes killed —> +2 Intelligence
Redstone Armor
We've increased the bonus Intelligence of the Redstone Armor as there aren't many alternative armors that currently provide this stat.
  • Full set bonus changed: +300 Intelligence —> +350 Intelligence
Golem Armor
Golem Armor is everyone's favorite in the early game, and while it prevents a lot of damage taken, it gives the player a lot of extra health. We've reduced the effect it provides without reducing its health and defense so that the armor doesn't lose its properties.
  • Full set bonus changed: Absorption 3 —> Absorption 2
Golem Sword
The main purpose of the Golem Sword is to combine with power to inflict high damage on melee hits. The area of use of the sword's ability should be to use it in difficult moments and get rid of the mobs. We lowered the intelligence scale to the required value due which was made too high because of a mistake.
  • Defense: 25 —> 30
  • Strength: 80 —> 85
  • Intelligence Scale: 1 —> 0.1

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the hitboxes of spiders.
  • Fixed Magma Armor not counting the amount of magma cubes killed.
  • Fixed the Crafters Level progression percentage on player profiles.
  • Fixed the recipe of Frozen Blaze Armor.
  • Fixed some collection XP bugs.
Some new strings in the game are not fully translated to English currently. They’ll be fully translated soon.
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