SkyBlock Crafters SkyBlock v0.1.13 Patch Notes


crafters to the moon! 🚀
Hi everyone! 👋

We've decided to push the v0.1.13 update, which was normally scheduled for a later release, with the release of Minecraft's 1.18.30 update, so there are not too much new content in this update. Let's move on to the patch notes!

Also with this update, the server version has been updated, so now you can only login to the server with Minecraft version 1.18.30.


  • Added Targets next to the Reforger NPC in Llyn Village. These targets can help you test the impact of your weapons and equipment on your damage!
  • Added a simple feedback sound that plays when you make a deposit/withdrawal on the bank.

Bugfixes and Changes​

  • Rare items dropped from mobs no longer burn on fire or lava.
  • Fixed an error that limits the amount of buyable items per one time to 640 in the Builder shop menu.
  • Fixed an error that prevents Timefreezer items to work right.
  • Fixed some items giving missing collection progression when collected from minion.
  • The New Year’s Cake Bag grants +1 extra health instead of +2 extra health per cakes in it now.
  • Removed various unnecessary recipes from Guide Aaron's recipe catalog.
  • All seasons last 93 days instead of 90 now.
  • Fixed the issue where daily quests could be received in every 20 minutes instead of 24 hours.
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