SkyBlock Crafters SkyBlock v0.1.12 Patch Notes


heartigniter_en.pngHi everyone! Welcome to the biggest patch since the release of SkyBlock.

  • Added Zombie Talisman, Village Affinity Talisman and Scavenger Talisman to the Adventurer merchant.
  • Added an particle effect to Magical/Mystical Mushroom Soup.
  • Added Flamerang. (You can throw 5 of them at the same time.)
    Screenshot 2022-04-16 114458 - Copy (3).png
    Screenshot 2022-04-16 143020.png
  • Eye of the Cliffs spawn at Golem’s Den now,and they are more powerful.
    • Eye of the Cliffs now drop Serial Killer I enchantment book with a 0.2% chance. (Serial Killer enchantment is appliable for boomerangs.)
  • Added Heartigniter.
    • She spawns on the lavas at Deep Caverns - Diamond Central. Caution: She may “snipe” you!
    • She drops a Fire Fragmentfire_fragment.pngwith a 0.05% chance. (Usable in the recipe of Flamerang)
  • Guide Aaron has arrived! If you right-click on him while you are holding an item in your hand, it will show you a list of items you can craft with that item.
    Screenshot 2022-04-16 120601 - Copy.png
  • When you drop an item with a rarity of 1% or less, an announcement message is now sent to everyone on the server you are on.
  • Added Raider Axe and A Sad Vikingquest. Can you make the Sad Viking happy? (You can find him in The Park: Spruce Wood Floor.)
    • The Raider Axe can be bought from the Viking for 250,000 coins after completing the A Sad Viking quest.
      Screenshot 2022-04-16 145009.png
  • Added Fire Extinguisher and Fire Devoureraccessories.
    • You can craft a Fire Extinguisher with 8x Envoy Horns, can be dropped from Fire Envoys at Deep Caverns: Diamond Central.
    • You can craft a Fire Devourer, with a Fire Extinguisher and 4x Fire Fragments.
Screenshot 2022-04-16 114458 - Copy - Copy.pngScreenshot 2022-04-16 141658 - Copy.png
Screenshot 2022-04-16 114458 - Copy (2) - Copy.pngScreenshot 2022-04-16 141658.png

  • Items collected from minions now do not affect quests progress’.
  • Changed the item ability of Leaping Sword leaping_sword.png, it now deals ability damage instead of melee damage. (Base Damage: 350, Intelligence Scale: 1)
  • We listened to your feedbacks, and Grappling Hook is now better!
  • Fairy Souls no longer appear from more than 20 blocks away.
  • Changed the damage indicator of an critical hit.
  • Revamped the Health and Mana bar.
    Screenshot 2022-04-16 135112.png
  • Market purchase limit has been removed. (You can now get enough items to fill the empty space in your inventory at once.)
  • Revamped the Fire Envoys in Deep Caverns: Diamond Central and added a new drop to them: Envoy Horns (0.5% chance)
  • Increased the time between the actions of Cave Spider and Spider minions by 2 seconds per level.
  • Optimized the water flow limitation.
  • Optimized the SkyBlock Calendar to be suitable from all players across the world.
    • A SkyBlock day lasts 20 minutes in real life. A season lasts 90 SkyBlock days, a year lasts 360 SkyBlock days.
    • New Year's Cakes will be available for the last 3 days of the winter season. Be careful not to miss it, as it can be taken at a shorter time than before!

  • Fixed True Protection not working as it should, and True Protection no longer affects normal damage.
  • Fixed emeralds appearing on the ceiling in Deep Caverns: Slimy Hill.
  • Fixed the issue that hoppers could collect coins dropped from mobs.
  • Fixed the issue that Block Zapper and the Builder’s Wand would break/put up to one block outside of the area it was supposed to break/place.
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