Crafters - Revertion of The 1 Week Rollback, Changes In Compensations, A Sneak Peek From The Next Update


Hi everyone!

As you know, we recently announced some of the data on server has been lost because of a hardware failure thous we had to rollback to the last backup we had from last week.

We have received your feedback on this rollback and we have reverted the 1-week rollback using the event logs we have.

We managed to get almost all of the important player data up-to-date. (to March 28).

✅ What's up-to-date?
  • Private Islands (Your Island)
  • Inventories
  • Ender Chests
  • Accessory bags
  • Quivers
  • New Year's Cake Bags
  • Vanilla Experiences
  • Stash Inventories
⏳ Which datas are from 1 week before?
  • Collection levels
  • Skill levels
  • Coin transactions in NPC merchants
  • Upgrades in the Community Center (Your gems are still there, so you only need to make the upgrades again)
❌ Fully lost datas?
  • Unfortunately, we were unable to recover any data in the profiles of players who just joined the server between March 21, 2022 - March 28, 2022.


The compensations made in the previous announcement continue exactly the same!

In addition, the validity period of all of them has been increased by +2 days so that the compensations are not wasted while the server was under maintenance.
  • Active VIP, PVO, PVO+ and PVO++ rank timers have been extended by 3 days.
  • Increased the validity time of the coin bags created before the maintenance by 3 days in SkyBlock.
  • 20% discount on all products has been activated in the Crafters Store for next 7 days.
  • 2x Skill XP Booster have been activated for next 7 days in SkyBlock.
  • 2x Collection Booster have been activated for next 7 days in SkyBlock.
  • All bank interests have been doubled for next 7 days in SkyBlock.
  • +50% Magic Find stat has been granted to all players for next 7 days in SkyBlock.
  • Datasaver NPC has arrived in town to deliver temporary flight soups for free to all players in SkyBlock. (You can find her in the Village Spawn.)

News in v0.1.10d Mini-Patch

New Statistic: Magic Find!

Magic Find is a stat that increases the chance of rare item drops from creatures, although there is no way to increase it at the moment, ways to increase this stat will be added in the future updates.​
New Products in the Gems Market: Builder's Wand 1648824151667.pngand Block Zapper! 1648824156787.png

A new way to build architectures on your island! With these items, which have been developed for the convenience of the players, you can place/destroy large number of blocks on your island easily.​
We would like to state that these items can only be used on your own island and cannot be used in public islands. Also, blocks you break using the Block Zapper will not grant you collection/skill XP.
The bundle value of the items in the Gem Market is 3950 Gems.​
A Sneak Peak From The Next Update

We spent a long time solving technical issues before moving on to content updates on the server, and we've been slowly starting content updates lately.


I suggest you to start sharpening your weapons now, because these creatures are far from the way you know them.
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