General Network and SkyBlock Rules

  • There is a high density going on right now. Tickets may get responsed in an above-average time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

General Network Rules​

We have some important rules to keep our community safe and fair. By playing on Crafters, you agree to follow all of the rules listed below.​

1. Be respectful​

  • Be respectful to every player.
  • Do not use abusive language (including masking).
  • Do not send offensive messages.
  • Do not harass, disturb or bully any player.
  • Do not participate in any discrimination: racism, sexism...
  • Do not share personal information about yourself or other players. Do not ask for anyone for their personal information.

2. Keep the content safe and appropriate​

  • Do not talk about inappropriate topics or jokes.
  • Do not give anyone misleading information.
  • Do not talk about political or religious topics.
  • Do not use any inappropriate skins, gamertags, pet names and do not make inappropriate builds.
  • Do not impersonate anyone.

3. Do not advertise​

  • Do not advertise. This include but not limited to: servers, channels, social media accounts, websites, Discord servers.
  • You can share your contents about Crafters on our Discord server and forums.
  • Do not make any giveaways done with the intent to promote/advertise a service, a community or any of the advertising contents mentioned above.

4. Keep the chat clean​

  • Do not spam on any messaging channel.
  • Do not use excessive caps in your messages.
  • Do not send messages that contain excessive random symbols or ASCII text.
  • Do not ask for donations, free items, free ranks, accounts, cosmetics or other things.
  • Do not send copypasta paragraphs or extremely long messages.

5. Do not use illegal modifications​

  • Do not use any client or mod that provides a distinct, gameplay-changing advantage.
  • Do not use auto-clickers, macros and key mappers.
  • Those illegal modifications include both softwares and hardwares.
  • Knowingly teaming with or having someone using illegal modifications for you may result in a punishment as well.

6. Do not abuse bugs​

  • Do not abuse any Crafters or Minecraft bugs, glitches or exploits.
  • Report any bug you found by creating a ticket immediately.
  • Knowingly working with/having someone abuse a bug for you may result in a punishment as well.
  • Do not use any method to crash other players' game or degrade their game's performance.
  • Do not use any method to crash the server, degrade the server's performance or damage the server.

7. Listen to and respect our staff members​

  • Follow the instructions given by the staff members.
  • Respect to staff members.
  • Do not contact any staff member for a punishment applied on someone else.
  • Report any rule breaker on our Discord server or by creating a ticket.
  • Do not contact any staff member on their private messages for a ban/mute appeal.
  • Do not appeal punishments again after a denied appeal.
  • Do not try to evade your punishment, or provide assistance to another player to evade theirs.

8. Do not illegally trade in-game or Crafters Store content​

  • Do not trade game content, items, currency, services, or accounts via third-party websites, or external/outside game currencies or products.
  • You can trade Crafters Store products for Crafters in-game coins or items.

9. Do not encourage any player to break the rules​

  • Do not encourage any player to break any rule. This may result in a punishment for you as well.

SkyBlock Rules​

By playing on Crafters SkyBlock, you agree to follow all of the rules listed below. All of the General Network Rules also apply in addition to SkyBlock Rules.

1. Do not use disallowed AFK methods​

  • Disallowed methods include but are not limited to using bugs/glitches, modifications, third-party software, hardware, or objects such as tape or pencil.
  • Players found collecting experience, items, or coins using disallowed methods will be punished.
  • You are allowed to stay AFK by standing still or using an AFK pool unless running an automated action.

2. Do not scam any player​

  • Do not scam any player with any method.
  • By accepting a trade or adding a player to your co-op, you are responsible for the outcome. Lost profiles, items, or coins cannot be replaced or reimbursed.
  • If a player is scamming, please report them on our Discord server or by creating a ticket. While we cannot give you back the content you lost, the scammer may get punished.

3. Do not transfer any content between profiles​

  • Transferring items, coins or any content between SkyBlock profiles or accounts are strictly prohibited except deleting a profile and moving to a completely new one.
  • Do not passively use alt profiles or accounts to buy ranks or SkyBlock Gems.

Contact Us​

You can contact us via Discord or create a ticket if you want to ask any questions about the rules.
You can create a ticket if you want to appeal your punishment.